Compatible with an array of spectroscopy applications. It’s been engineered to offer a better user experience by straight forward operations, the most recent generation electronics and a rich user interface. automatic sample changer The optimized layout allows for installation in tight spaces and you may enjoy the benefits of a short flow path.

Straight forward process and productivity
The carousel and the arm ? that holds the sample probe ? rotate as a way to align the initial sample tube to be processed. The probe is then inserted at the programmable depth; at that time, the sample is aspirated by the analyzer through the inert flow-path. The moment this is completed, the probe is automatically moved to the washing port where the washing pump cleans the sample probe internally and externally in order to avoid cross contamination. HT1000I is then prepared to process the next sample!

Short flow-path
We typically run with a sample transfer tube 0.5 meter shorter than that of our competitors! Leading to a shorter sample rinse time, simpler/faster cleaning step and reduced bench space occupation: expect reduced argon and power supply consumption; expect longer duration of consumables just like the tubings, the spray chamber and the torch as the contact time with the sample (matrix) is kept on a minimum level.

Optimized layout
When you look at autosamplers, the bigger it is, the more expensive it really is. By surveying labs in lots of countries, we’ve sized HT1000I to offer enough sample capacity to satisfy the needs of a typical lab. Oversized instruments lead to oversized costs: at the original purchase and during operations and at maintenance ? being more expensive to value. Therefore, choosing the right size is the ultimate way to optimize your total cost of ownership.

Next-generation electronics: age smarter autosamplers has already been here
Through an encoder-driven solution, HT1000I prevents the time-based drift effect you may have experienced with other systems. A robust ARM processor runs the HT1000I, allowing support of sophisticated algorithms ? such as the automated calibration procedure, the management of external stresses and automatic recovery ? while minimizing the electricity consumption.

INTERFACE: Keypad and Software make it possible for a superior user experience
HT1000I offers easy setup and operation: for line priming, end-of-session washes and setup it features a keypad, while for sample processing it usually is controlled by typically the most popular ICP and Atomic Absorption software. The four integrated LEDs offer a straightforward visual indication of the autosampler status and PC connectivity.

Sample carousel: made to fit your routine
The sample carousel is organized in six racks, all of which may run a different type of sample tubes from those available. Racks are removable to be able to support off-instrument sample preparation and continuous sample feeding. Furthermore, the racks are recognized in order that a mismatch is not possible (e.g. putting rack #2 in the position of rack #3) to adhere to the best lab practices.